Marine Mates & Mindfulness - Four Positive Health Benefits of Keeping Fish

Here at Epic Pets, we love all our pets equally - whether they have fur or fins!

Fish ownership in the UK has been decreasing over the last decade. Since 2010, budding aquarists have been in a slow but steady decline. There are, however, many reasons to keep f...

Taking care of your dog during summer

Sometimes, the summer months can be unbearable for even the toughest humans. In the desperation to cool down, it can be far too easy to forget dogs suffer just as much, if not more, than we do! Here are some tips and tricks for helping your pups combat the heat.


Purebred puss vs shelter stray - should you get a pedigree or rescue cat?

Pedigree puss or shelter stray?


Do I buy a pedigree cat, or adopt from a rescue shelter? This is so often the question a first-time cat owner will ask themselves. Why do people make their preferred choice? Let’s look at ...

Dressage Legal Snaffles

It is often difficult to find a bit suitable for your horse at the best of times; but with British Dressage’s rules and regulations as to what is allowed, it gets harder. So, here is a breakdown to hopefully make that decision more straightforward.


There are a few types of mouthpieces that are ...

Why Horses Are The Most Epic Pets

Crazy about cats or think that canine companions are the real Top Dogs? Let our Content Copywriter Jess talk you through the reasons why horses are the ultimate Epic Pets!

Epic Pets 2019 Dates For Your Diary

2019 is finally here and it promises to be an exciting year here at Epic Pets HQ! We are so thrilled about 2019 with an ever-growing amount of special days, weeks and months dedicated to your favourite Pets. So, diaries out and pens at the ready, h...

Preparing Your Home For A Puppy

So, you’re soon going to have a new addition to the family, here’s a little guide on things that might help you prepare for their arrival.

Puppy proofing your home:

  • One of the of the best things is watching a pu...

“…Not Just For Christmas”: How to Prepare Your Family For a Life-Long Pet.

There are few gifts more exciting than a cute, playful, loving companion. Think about it: a new pet could become a cuddly new playmate for your kids, and even a fully-fledged member of the family for years to come.

Well, it’s an exciting idea until the novelty wears off...and su...

Planning a Holiday - Cat In Cattery Tips

Anyone who has a cat knows that keeping a cat calm can be a very difficult job. So what do we do when taking a cat to a cattery? As an owner, you want to make sure that your cat is treated with the same love and care that you use as you are essentially putting your trust in someone else to take care of your furry family member. Here are some ...

Planning a Holiday - Dog Kenneling Tips

So - you want to go on holiday, but you have a furry family member who isn’t allowed to come with you. The thought of leaving your precious doggo behind with new people is awful, but here at Epic Pets we say: don’t worry! With these tips, you’ll prepared for your vacation in no time.

Ghost Story - The Dog Walker

With Halloween upon us, it’s the perfect time for sharing pet ghost stories. What follows is a real story from a member of our team. Leave us your spooky pet tales in the comments!



Dog Grooming At Home For Beginners

There are many challenges when keeping your own pups well-groomed and pristine. Whilst it requires plenty of patience, grooming your own dog can be a pretty great bonding activity. So: Take your pet to your home doggie salon, keep the treats close, and follow these quick tips!

Brushing and detangling