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Dog Grooming At Home For Beginners

Dog Grooming At Home For Beginners

There are many challenges when keeping your own pups well-groomed and pristine. Whilst it requires plenty of patience, grooming your own dog can be a pretty great bonding activity. So: Take your pet to your home doggie salon, keep the treats close, and follow these quick tips!

Brushing and detangling

You’ll want to do this before bath time, as tangled fur will hold water and irritate the skin. How often you need to do it depends on your dog’s coat though – about once a week for shorthairs, and three or four times for longhairs.

The actual brushing process works best using the Ancol Ergo Wooden Hand Double Sided Brush – start by using the pin side of the brush to untangle the fur, and then the bristle side to smooth the coat, leaving it glossy and soft.

Whilst you do this process, be on the lookout for matted hair. Mats need to be removed, as they can cause discomfort, and hide all kinds of nasty bugs. To do this, hold the base of the matted area with your finger and thumb and either try to pry it slowly apart with the pin side of the brush, or very gently trim it off. Just be careful as you go, and let your dog have regular breaks!


Doggie bath times luckily only need doing once a month or so. Different coat types have slightly different requirements, so if in doubt, try a product that is good for all types – a good example is Johnson’s Dog Deodorant Shampoo.

To start, use tepid water and with a small amount of dog shampoo at a time. Rub into a lather throughout the dog’s fur, and avoid getting into the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Thoroughly rinse all shampoo out with a shower head. Finally, rub your dog firmly with a towel!

Grooming your dog really doesn’t have to be a chore. Initially, your pup might find the routine strange, but once they get used to it and realise that they’re not getting hurt, they’ll begin to find it soothing.

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