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Keeping your dog warm during winter

Keeping your dog warm during winter

So, winter has come around and you’ve turned up the heating and snuggled up warm in a mountain of blankets. You might start wondering whether your furry friends also need a little warm loving kindness…

Read on for some tips on keeping your pets warm this cold season!

Bring them indoors

When the temperature drops, exposure to the cold could lead to frostbite or even hypothermia. Make sure the temperature indoors is also at a comfortable level (around 20C).

Layers, layers, layers!

Invest in a pet coat or a couple of blankets. An extra layer can make the world of a difference. Insulation and covering up draughts can also help reduce heat loss and keep your home and pets warm. The Banbury and Co. Comfort Dog Blanket is the perfect item to keep your pets warm this winter.

Wipe down paws

Toxic substances such as antifreeze can stick to the skin between footpads and lead to poisoning. A common occurrence, which can be prevented by investing in a pair of booties! Check out this adorable boot: Kruuse Buster Walka Protective Dog Paw Boot.

Keeping pets warm on walks or during play

Water resistant shoes and insulated coats are the way to go! Keeping clear of lakes and ponds and other sources of water can reduce the likelihood of them getting wet and cold. Take a look at our selection of dog clothing accessories, the perfect companions to a winter walk.


Ensure you’re feeding your pet the right amount and the right type of food for the season. Eating too much or too little can result in an upset stomach and general feelings of unwellness. High energy foods and a varied diet are key to promoting good health.

A little TLC

Grooming supports your pets emotional and physical needs, especially during the colder winter months. Brushing, combing and detangling goes a long way in helping to soothe and protect your pet from picking up debris or harmful bugs. We stock brushes, combs and other grooming products, such as the SoloGroom Solo Comb on our online store. Be sure to check them out!  

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