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Planning a Holiday - Cat In Cattery Tips

Planning a Holiday - Cat In Cattery Tips

Anyone who has a cat knows that keeping a cat calm can be a very difficult job. So what do we do when taking a cat to a cattery? As an owner, you want to make sure that your cat is treated with the same love and care that you use as you are essentially putting your trust in someone else to take care of your furry family member. Here are some tips that will hopefully make your cat feel calmer and relaxed in a cattery.

This is an obvious one: find the correct cattery. Do lots of research! Make sure to read reviews and take a visit to the cattery to have a look around. Listen to the people who work there and to people who have used that cattery as they will be your best assets. Also, as most catteries are outside, if you have an indoor cat, it may be best to find an indoor cattery so that your cat’s routine isn’t interrupted.

Make sure to tell the cattery if your cat has any special requirements i.e. with food or medication. If your cat has dietary requirements, make sure to bring the food your cat is used to and enough for the entire stay. A change in their diet may make your cat stressed and depending on the cat, they might not be fussy enough to turn their nose up at new food which may eventually make them ill. Also, mention any likes and dislikes that your cat has. This will help the workers to know how to keep your cat calm and relaxed during their stay in the cattery.

As cats love to sleep, make sure to pack their favourite bed, whether it be a proper cat bed or a cardboard box. This will help greatly with separation anxiety and will also give your cat a piece of home while it stays in the cattery. It also gives your cat a place to hide if they ever become too nervous or anxious.

So your furry friend isn’t alone, pack a piece of your clothing with your scent. This will be comforting to your cat and will help to lessen separation anxiety. Also, make sure to pack their favourite toys in case they become bored. If they use relaxing sprays at home, make sure to give the workers a bottle so that they can use it if needed. Your generous donation may help other cats in the cattery too! We’d recommend the Feliway Cat Calming Liquid Spray. It has great reviews from cat owners and when sprayed on the cat’s belongings, will lessen the stress on the cat.

Hopefully, these tips will have given you a peace of mind as well as helping your cat. Once you’ve done it the first time, you’ll be calmer for the next time and gradually, your cat will also become accustomed to it. You never know, in between yawns and sleeping, your cat may grow to be excited about a future vacation to the cattery!

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