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Planning a Holiday - Dog Kenneling Tips

Planning a Holiday - Dog Kenneling Tips

So - you want to go on holiday, but you have a furry family member who isn’t allowed to come with you. The thought of leaving your precious doggo behind with new people is awful, but here at Epic Pets we say: don’t worry! With these tips, you’ll prepared for your vacation in no time.

  1. It seems obvious, but don’t be scared to ask around your friends or family to see if anyone will take your dog for a short time. Being with familiar people and in familiar environments will automatically calm your dog as it won’t take away from their routine.

  2. If no one is free, you can put your trust into a dog kennel. Just make sure to do plenty of research - read as many reviews as you can. Having opinions from real people will help reassure you, and on sites like Yell, Yelp, Trustpilot, Facebook and Google you can find unbiased opinions easily. If you’re still not sure, ask your vet for recommendations or take a visit and talk to people the people who work there. If it’s going to be a long stay, see if you can organise to have your dog stay overnight at the kennel ahead of time to get them used to the area and the other workers.

  3. Make sure to tell your dogsitters if your dog has any special requirements i.e. with food or medication and especially with certain behaviours.

  4. To alleviate your furry friend's homesickness, try to make sure that you take something of yours with them. This could range from a favourite jumper to (if you must) a picture of your face. Hopefully, your dog will be having a lot of fun on their vacation anyway, but this may comfort them if they ever get anxious. Taking a favourite toy is also a nice way to bridge the gap.

  5. In the days leading up to your dog, do not change your routine. Also, when the moment arrives, try to stay calm. It may be easier said than done, but if you start showing concern and start overly fussing, dogs will echo their owner and this will make them nervous too.

Hopefully, these tips will not only help your dog, but will give you a peace of mind too. Just remember - give your dog lots of love when you return and don’t forget to get them a holiday souvenir!

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