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Preparing Your Home For A Puppy

Preparing Your Home For A Puppy

So, you’re soon going to have a new addition to the family, here’s a little guide on things that might help you prepare for their arrival.

Puppy proofing your home:

  • One of the of the best things is watching a pup grow and learn through your encouragement, remember they are babies and need positive reinforcement. Sticking to a strict schedule can aid this.
  • Put all items that could be dangerous for your pup out of their reach, such as cables/wires and cleaning equipment.
  • If your pup is particularly adventurous and you have a mountain of stairs in your home, a stair gate might be a good idea, it will prevent them from potentially falling and keep them from running out of sight.
  • Check your outdoor space, ensure your pup cannot escape; cover gaps in fencing, make sure your gates to the street are high enough that when grown, up your pup cannot jump it and escape. A puppy run might be necessary.

What do I need to buy?

  • A gorgeous new collar can really set off your pups’ eyes, but it can also hold the very important ID tag, it is by law in the UK that all dogs must wear tags, whether microchipped or not. Tags must contain the name and address (including postcode) of the owner.
  • A lead or harness, whichever you prefer will be essential for keeping your pup exercised and safe.
  • Toilet training pads. Accidents happen, and some dogs take longer to adjust than others, using puppy pads could save your floors, they work a treat and encourage your pup to pee where designated – try placing them near to the door/flap your pup will use to go to the toilet and reward them for good behaviour, do not scold them when they get caught short as it may discourage them.
  • A food and water bowl; stainless steel bowls are far easier to clean and keep hygienic.
  • Puppy food, your little pup will usually eat small amounts 3 times a day, so having a prepared supply is recommended.

  • Poop bags – no explanation needed!
  • A soft, warm bed that is big enough for the pup to stretch and grow a little. Perhaps a blanket for the cold nights.
  • A good brush depending on the fur type is essential for keeping a nice smooth coat! Don’t forget the puppy specific shampoo for a glossy finish.
  • A pup’s job is to play, toys for your new little friend to chew on will be essential (if you want to keep your carpets, rugs and even wallpaper intact!) A small selection of soft, hard and teething toys will give your pup the choice and will let you know what kind of things they’ll like to wrestle with in the future.

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