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Purebred puss vs shelter stray - should you get a pedigree or rescue cat?

Purebred puss vs shelter stray - should you get a pedigree or rescue cat?

Pedigree puss or shelter stray?

Do I buy a pedigree cat, or adopt from a rescue shelter? This is so often the question a first-time cat owner will ask themselves. Why do people make their preferred choice? Let’s look at these basic points.

Advantages of a pedigree cat

  • With a bit of research, you can get an idea of what sort of personality to expect
  • If you buy a cat from an ethical breeder, you can learn what genetic traits a cat will develop or carry, based on information about its parents
  • Certain breeds are less likely to trigger allergic reactions depending on their coat type. Examples include the Russian Blue, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Bengal, Oriental Shorthair, and Siamese
  • Each breed is bred for a specific look, making them particularly striking

Advantages of a non-pedigree cat

  • Non-pedigree cats have a wider gene pool, and are less likely to be carrying inherited genetic diseases
  • Non-pedigrees are cheaper, especially if adopted from a shelter
  • Adopting a cat from a rescue shelter will not only give a second chance to a formerly homeless animal, but will free up space in the shelter for another
  • By adopting from a shelter, you are very unlikely to be unknowingly contributing to any unethical practice

People have their own preferences and their own reasons. If you want a cat with a specific personality or coat type, but are unwilling or unable to buy from a breeder, why not compromise and adopt a rescue pedigree? Whatever you choose, there are millions of cats out there in need of a good home who would make fantastic pets.

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