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Top Tips - Moving House with a Pet

Top Tips - Moving House with a Pet

Moving pets to your new home can be a stressful experience for both yourself and your pet. Cats, dogs and other household pets can become very attached to their surroundings. Therefore, it is vitally important that any disruption to their natural surrounding is kept to a minimum. Here are a few tips to facilitate the move:

  • DO – Get a friend or relative to look after your pet on your moving day. This will allow you time and space to move your things without worrying about pet.
  • DO – Ensure that your pet’s ID tag is up to date including details of your new home address. This will ensure that your pet can be identified in case it gets lost.
  • DO - Keep all the familiar toys and blankets that your pet uses. Keep some with you in the journey to the new address. This will comfort your pet as they will be attached to the familiar items and smells.
  • DON’T - Let your dog loose in the garden without checking it is secure first.
  • DON’T – Feed them just before the journey to your new home as they may need to urinate or could suffer from travel sickness if it is a particularly long journey.
  • DON’T - Leave your pet alone for long periods when you move into your new home. Comfort them and try to stick to your daily routines including playing games and using the same feeding apparatus (bowls etc).

Following these tips will really help to adjust your pet to your new home and will keep them happy. After all, we love happy pets and a happy pet deserves to be an Epic pet.

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