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Top Tips - Preparing for a Horse Show

Top Tips - Preparing for a Horse Show

As many riders know, competitions and shows are a huge part of owning a horse. Not only is there a show or event every weekend throughout summer, there are plenty of winter competitions too! Below we'll talk through some of the top tips for prepping for a show whatever the season, and highlight some of the best equine products that you can pick up from Epic Pets right now.

The first step to success is making sure your horse is clean and presentable. At Epic Pets, we like to use the StableKit Grip Grooming Bag Set. This neat zipped bag has useful side pockets and comes with a face brush, mane and tail brush, a curry comb, dandy brush, hoof pick and sponge - perfect for use before shows and whilst you're there too!

We all know the frustration of plaiting up your horse, only for him to rub or shake his head; watching your hard work slowly drop or unravel is heartbreaking. A perfect solution for this is the. Weatherbeeta Stretch Hood Made from stretch material, this handy hood is perfect for preventing rubs and keeping plaits neat and tidy on show day. Features zip fastening and attaches in the girth area using touch tape.

Travelling to shows can sometimes cause us unnecessary anxiety. However, using Mark Todd Travel Boots will banish the worry of your horse damaging their legs. These hugely popular padded boots are designed to protect your horse’s legs whilst in transit. Features include a tough outer fabric with protective scuff plates on the bottom edge. Wide hook and loop strap fastenings make them quick and easy to fit. Each set comes with a matching padded tail guard and is supplied in a zipped storage bag.

To rid your horse of boredom both whilst travelling and at the show, it is essential to provide them with enough hay or haylage. At Epic Pets, we recommend the Elim-a-Net Feeding Haynet as it is stronger than your average haynet so can withstand any issue at a show, prevents rapid forage consumption, and reduces waste and mess.

Sometimes our equipment gets forgotten about; we’re too busy concentrating on getting our horse prepared. But with Mark Todd Pro Luggage, your riding equipment will be kept immaculate. You can also find bags for bridlesrugsriding hats and saddles.

Once you’re at the show, you have the last task of keeping your horse clean before you enter the ring. Mark Todd Pro Rain Combo Rug is perfect for soggy show days; this lightweight rug is designed to keep your horse and tack dry between classes. Whilst the Mark Todd Comprehensive Combo Rug is ideal for every other day; manufactured in smart checked fabric, this lightweight sheet is a favourite on Sir Mark Todd’s yard and can be used as an under rug at events, or to keep horses clean and ready for the show ring.

Competition essentials are often quite tricky to get your head around, so we hope that this blog has helped with what would make competing that bit easier and more relaxed. If you have any further tips and tricks you think we should add, please let us know. And don’t forget to send us photos of you competing!

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