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Why Horses Are The Most Epic Pets

Why Horses Are The Most Epic Pets

Crazy about cats or think that canine companions are the real Top Dogs? Let our Content Copywriter Jess talk you through the reasons why horses are the ultimate Epic Pets!

"If you don’t have a horse in your life, you’re missing out. Some may think they are big and scary, but they (usually) have a heart of gold.

One of the best things is having a horse recognise that you’re their owner. Unlike dogs, horses take a while to form a bond with a human and recognise them as ‘their’ human. But when that happens, they’ll whinny at you, canter up to you and softly nudge you when you’re around them. We all know how amazing it is when dogs get excited to see you, but with horses, it’s just that little bit better because it doesn’t happen too often. It’s usually if you’re the one who gives them their dinner, but we all tell ourselves it’s because they love us.

Horses are stupid, but in a funny way. You can walk a horse past huge tractors and farming machinery and they won’t bat an eyelid, but if a leaf blows past them you better be ready! They can jump over the biggest, widest jump without a care in the world, but try and get them to walk over a sheet of tarpaulin and you’re asking for trouble! Or you’ll fall off them and they walk up to you, whilst you’re still sat on the floor, with a dumb look on their face as if to say: “what are you doing down there? That’s not where you’re supposed to be.”

A lot of them give so much and you can see your progress with them. Most people have horses to ride and compete on, that’s no secret; but what most people who aren’t in the equestrian world don’t realise is that it isn’t particularly easy to ride a horse. They’ve got their own thoughts and opinions on things, which often leads to a lot of falling out (or off)! But, when they do something right for the first time, no matter how small it is, it gives you an unbelievable sense of pride. It doesn’t matter whether they’re just standing still whilst you get on their back or them jumping around a certain course. You can feel the partnership develop and grow with every failure and every achievement.

There is no better feeling than spending time with a horse and being able to shut off from the world for a few hours. Whether you’re just plodding around the countryside or you’re teaching them something new, it feels like there’s only you two in the entire world as your focus is entirely on them. They do end up becoming your best friend and even when you have to muck out their stable in minus degree temperatures with no gloves or you spend hours bathing them only for them to find the muddiest part of their field and roll, you know that you wouldn’t be able to get rid of them.

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